Our Philosophy

Any dog, of any breed, at any age, can learn to compliment human life styles given the time, tools and correct expectations.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create training tools and a language that is simple for humans and dogs alike.  A language we can speak and understand without guess work.  When it's right, and why its wrong.  We need to create understanding.  Communication is all about expectations.  We can only expect, that which we know we have taught clearly to our dogs.   Dogs will only follow their instincts until we teach them what we want.  By accepting this idea, we can enjoy our dogs and live our lives in harmony with them.

What We Do

We are modern dog trainers.  We help you translate what you are telling your dogs, and what your dogs are telling you.  We have real life experience and we get real results. We know what works for each customer and the type of the dog they own.  Checkmake K9 has trained both locally and internationally, to learn for the best handlers in pet and competition dog training.  This keeps us current and up to date with the best tools and methods available.

How We Do It

We train people and pets. "The Even Exchange Method" is the foundation of our success. We educate the person and teach the dog by creating an even exchange of information. It's people school for pets. We break down the relationship and give people tools to communicate effectively. We determine goals by asking a series of questions in the simplest form. We give you the tools you need with a program that fits your lifestyle.

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